Amazonia - Wildwood Stories



The Amazon is one of our greatest wildwoods. Like many other virgin forests its existence is threatened. Very few know its stories. Far less tell these stories to the world. The Brazilian poet Marcia Theophilo are one of these storytellers. According to Marcia, the words of the forest are endless. And from the words comes music.

New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan and Swedish pianist Harald Erici are both passionate about Brazil and its music. One day the two meet in Rio de Janeiro. On a common tour in New Zealand, two years later, Julie and Harald begin to compose music together. The music is inspired by the virgin forest, the nature and amazing sceneries in New Zealand, or Aotearoa, as the Maori people name their land. Harald and Julie also find inspiration in Marcia Theophilos poems about the Amazon, its spirits and inhabitants. The words and the music become a unity.

The Summer of 2011 Julie Bevan visited Sweden and the new compositions was presented for the very first time. Guitar and piano are intergrated with the voices from the nature and forests. It creates a meditative moment with resonances, rhythms and sounds from Brazil, New Zealand and the midland forest of Öland, Sweden.

”Every leaf is an eye” - Vietnamese saying

Instruments: guitar, cavaquinho, piano, percussion. Contact: ERICI WEB