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Erici Music featured artists: Jussanam Dejah, Maria Rylander, Alda Rezende & Jõao Rosa.

BRASILICUM (AUS/BRA/NZL/SWE) - Brasilicum mixes Brazilian styles as Samba, Bossa Nova, Forró, Baião and Capoeira, with Pop, Jazz, and Electronica. Swedish pianist and songwriter Erici makes his personal tribute to Brazilian Popular Music and involve musicians from Brazil, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. The album was nominated to Manifest 2009, the biggest Swedish independent music prize. Some of the featured live artists are:

Nick van Dijk Julie Bevan Alda Rezende Jussanam Maria Klas Carlos Cesar Suzano Mike Ryan
Nick van Dijk Julie Bevan Alda Rezende Jussanam Dejah Maria Rylander Klas Nilsson Carlos Cesar Marcos Suzano Mike Ryan

Download Promo Pack - EPK Sonicbids Duration 60-90 min. Contact:

Just Like Wood
JUST LIKE WOOD (SWE) Three vocal harmonies and rough pop combined with energic live performances is the very trademark of Just Like Wood. This Swedish Indie band aims to write the best songs on the planet and have a good time performing them. Just Like Wood is based in Kalmar/Öland in South Eastern Sweden and consists of Oscar Roslund - vocals/guitar, Kristin Roslund - vocals, Harald Erici - keys, Jonas Kellander - bass, Mattias Nordström - drums/percussion. Contact:

MPB BRASIL - SANDRA FERREIRA AXELSSON & HARALD ERICI (SWE) - Brazilian MPB on vocals and piano. Sandra comes from Bahia, Brasil and inherits the groove and puls from the Bahian music. Together with Harald she perform Brazilian classics, from Tom Jobim to Novos Baianos! Contact:

MPB Brasil - Sandra & Harald

Harald Erici & Julie Bevan
AMAZONIA (SWE/NZL) New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan and Swedish pianist Harald Erici are both passionate about Brazil and its music. One day the two meet in Rio de Janeiro. On a common tour in New Zealand, two years later, Julie and Harald begin to compose music together. The music is inspired by the virgin forest, the nature and amazing sceneries in New Zealand, or Aotearoa, as the Maori people name their land. Harald and Julie also find inspiration in Marcia Theophilos poems about the Amazon, its spirits and inhabitants. The words and the music become a unity in Amazonia - Wildwood Stories. Piano, percussion and guitar. Duration: 60-90 min. Contact:

ANUM (BRA/AUS) Telmo Anum, born and raised in Olinda, Pernambuco in North Eastern Brazil, represents a musical universe, little known to the world. As well being an extra ordinary percussionist, Anum sings his own songs about life, love, and nature. His father, Galo Preto, is one of Brazils foremost folk artists and Anum brings the rich tradtition of Pernambuco a step further by collaborating with artists inside and outside Brazil. Anum is a true performer which is best experienced by his energic live shows, solo or with a big band. Contact:

Telmo Anum.

Maria Rylander - Facing South

MARIA RYLANDER (SWE) Swedish singer Maria Rylander made a remarkable debute in 2011 with her album "Facing South". The reviews has been overwhelmin: "Pulls the listener irrestistibly into her sphere" Orkesterjournalen
"One of the very best albums this year" Nerikes Allehanda, "Swedish jazz has got a new songbird", "A distinct, personal debut" Uppsala Nya Tidning, "Outstanding elegancy" Göteborgs Posten, "Beautiful and interesting debut" Gaffa
Maria performs with full band or in a smaller setting. Last year she performed with Harald Erici at the celebration of Crown Princess Victoria. Contact:

JUSSANAM DEJAH (ISL/SWE) In 2009 the Brazilian Bossa Nova celebrated 50 years in the world. One of its masters, Brazilian composer Tom Jobim, wrote many classic tunes in the genre. Jussanam Dejah, Icelands queen of Bossa Nova, originates from the cradle of the music - Rio de Janeiro. Together with pianist Harald Erici she delivers the very essence of Jobims music. Vocal and piano. Additional guitar, bass and drums can be added. Duration: 60-90 min. Contact:
Jussanam Dejah.

Harald & Veikko on Ipanemas beach.

SAMBABRÖDER (BRA/SWE) Experience Samba and Bossa Nova as it sounds on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Veikko von Fürstenrecht sings and plays the typical four string cavaquinho and Harald Erici plays the surdo drum. Together they bring the heart and soul of the Brazilian Samba as it appears in bars and homes in Brazil. Veikko also plays gentle Bossa Nova on his guitar. Harald then plays the piano, and brings the right vibes for Brazilian composer Tom Jobims Bossa classics. Feel the music as you were in the Trans Atlantic sea breeze, experiencing a marvelous sunset at Ipanema beach. Duration 60-180 min. Contact:

TRIO ERICI (SWE) Trio Erici consists of Kristin Bertilius - vocal, flute, Harald Erici - piano, and Mats Bertilius - double bass. The group plays Brazilian classics by Tom Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento and Louis Gonzaga in new, Swedish translations. In 2003 Trio Erici released the album "Jazz på Öländska", with traditional Folk music from South Eastern Sweden, in new arrangements. Duration: 60-90 min. Contact: Listen to the album

"Musiken svänger och är organisk" - Calidris

Trio Erici. Photo: Fredrik Henning

Bossando - Harald & Elianie.
BOSSANDO (AUS) Samba & Bossa Nova at their best. Brazilian singer Eliane Pinheiro and Swedish pianist Harald Erici perform Samba & Bossa Nova as played in the bars and homes of Rio de Janeiro, the origin of the Brazilian rhythms. Eliane and Harald present music of Brazilian songwriter Antonio Carlos Jobim, which include popular tunes such as ”The Girl From Ipanema”, ”One Note Samba” and ”Quiet Nights”. The beautiful songs of Jobim and his collaborators were part of the big Bossa Nova wave that conquered the world in the late 50´s and 60´s. Last year the genre celebrated its 50th anniversary. The songs are performed in Portuguese and English. Voice and piano. Duration: 60-90 min. Contact:

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