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Trio Erici - Live at Brewhouse, Rockford, Illinois, US
Trio Erici performs at Brew House, Rockford Illinois, USA

Swedish musician, composer and producer Harald Erici has been involved in many musical projects that includes fine musicians from all over the world. Since 2001 he runs his own production company and record label. Welcome to explore the music, the bands, the projects and collaborations throughout the years!

Erici Music is a independent record label based in Sweden. 2015 we released Moneymaker, the debut EP of Swedish Indie Band Just Like Wood. The release is available on digital stores as iTunes and CDBaby. Just Like Wood combines three vocal harmonies and rough pop into their energic live performances. In 2015 Erici Music also released a new edition of the Jazz på Öländska album with Trio Erici. The new print has new, additional original songs by the trio and was produced to promote the bands US tour and visit in Rockford and Chicago, Illinois in April. In 2013 Erici music released the album New Beat by Telmo Anum exclusively on iTunes. The album was recorded in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Brazil 2010-2012 and mixes regional styles from North Eastern Brazil with Funk, Hip Hop and Electronica.

Erici Production works with concert and tour arrangements. Recent projects are Encontro (2013) - collaboration project with Swedish Nyckelharpa player Emilia Amper and Argentinian flutist Ezequiel Cortabbaría Salgueiro. Stagnelius In Concert tour (2013) - choral project based on Swedish national poet Erik Johan Stagnelius. Amazonia Wildwood Stories - collaboration project with New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan and Brazilian poet Marcia Theophilo. Brasilicum (2008-2010) - international concept launched in Brazil 2008, Sweden 2009 and New Zealand 2010. Brasilicum features artists from Brazil, Australia, Sweden and New Zealand. The album was released in Japan by Diskunion and W.O.A International in India. In 2010 Erici Production arranged a Swedish visit with Japanese singer Chie Umezawa. Jazz på Ölandska (2003) - album with traditional songs from Öland, Sweden performed by Trio Erici.

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