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Press notes for Brasilicum (Erici Music, 2008) below:

BRASILICUM - "Erici is continuing the beautiful work of Sérgio Mendes." - Posto Seis, Rio de Janeiro
"A cocky self-assured elegance with heaps of charm" DN, Stockholm
"Brasilicum is set to surpass even the renowned UK Farout sounds" - Diskunion, Tokyo

Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm:
The Swedish keyboardist and composer Harald Erici has got in love with Brazil. And now he presents a musical project, ”Brasilicum”, that begins with a magical flight approach over Rio de Janeiro, but immediately lands into a jungle – in the sounds of the countrys boundless amount of percussion and rattle instruments (most in the world). Here, Bahia, Belo Horizonte and Pernambuco are musically visited, but it is the feeling of Rio that remains strongest. A cocky self-assured elegance with heaps of charm. And the record grows for each listening. Just listen to the easiness and the fine details in the slightly Samba Funk like ”Brasil” and ”Fino Mulato” tracks. Or the luminous Bossa feeling in the triple ”Saudade Tonight”, ”That Call” and ”Summers BH”, with brilliant vocal parts by, in following order,  Mikael Lundstedt, Maria Rylander and Katarina Nilsson. Around twenty musicians from three continents are participating on ”Brasilicum” – playing about forty different instruments. And it turns into great art.

Disk Union, Tokyo: www
"Swedish Scandinavian composer/producer Erici creates an electronic mix of sounds from the North East - Rio. Brazil, that masters all kind of rhythms, has a big impact in BRASILICUM, which is polished by live percussion and clever sampling methods, set to surpass even the renowned UK FAROUT sounds. Coming from Europe, Erici dares to live in Brazil, where he ends up forming a group of talented and acclaimed Brazilian Jazz musicians.

This work and album only, gathers skills from Sweden, Australia and Brazil. From Brazil are top-notch participants as Marcos Suzano, Jaques Morelenbaum and Guilherme Dias Gomes. Various samba, bossa nova, maracatú, forró, baião and capoeira motifs, including the great, galloping intro groove, creates an instant Brazilian, Jazzy vibe. The initial, screaming sounds in BRASIL, reveals the urban Brazilian apparition in the controversial album concept. THE CAPOEIRA continues in an earthy way, with Suzanos understandable pandeiro. So does the cool remake track. The colorful Samba Funk jam in FINO MULATO, bubbles of the Carioca samba, as the numbers of transparent choirs in COMIDA MINEIRA´s choro ensemble. SAUDADE TONIGHT is an elegant, Brazilian evening kiss, represented by Jaques Morlenbaums cello. Bossa nova song SUMMERS BH is followed by the updated forró PERNAMBUCOMANIA. The samba setup in SAMPA RUSH HOUR shows a unique carve of a chaotic morning in São Paulo. Suzano again, on pandeiro. The impressive Batucada Sound is spread in the arranged title track BRASILICIUM. ...listening to the proceeded scene in Brazil, MPB will draw more fans, for sure. The bonus tracks are other versions, remixes of this story."

Sydsvenskan, Malmo:
The islander, keyboardist and singer Harald Erici is a Brazil fanatic. Accordingly he travelled west and recorded a bunch of his own songs with artful Brazilian musicians (Jaques Morelenbaum is one). Swedes and Australians also participate on ”Brasilicum” that turned into a sample map; here is traditional Brazilian popular music with the transverse flute on top, Soul influences, Techno grooves, Jazz Funk tendencies, Samba, Bossa and Forró, some Rap, Carneval boost, instrumental and vocal. The Production is rich and professional, it´s all swinging and the style variated album should be perfect for a club in Brazilian colours – it just gets going from the first track to the final.

Göteborgs-Posten, Gothenburg:
This kind of records are rarely successful. A Swedish producer and songwriter with enormous passion for the Brazilian, spends years to record the Big Tribute album, on the spot and back, home, in Sweden. But Harald Erici gets away with it, mixes selected pieces of classic Brazilian music with modern, fancy production. And despite almost forty musicians involved, it sticks together. In January there will be three gigs in Gothenburg, so stay alert!

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